Dr. Shawn McDaniel has been a licensed psychologist in the state of Missouri for the past 11 years and has experience in nearly every setting including psychiatric hospitals, outpatient clinics, public schools, primary care clinics, and prisons. He has also been a full-time and adjunct professor at multiple colleges, universities, and professional schools. He is certified in civil and family mediation and is currently the Psychology Training Director and lead staff psychologist at a one of the largest hospitals in the area. His primary areas of specialty are psychological assessment, diagnosis, and behavioral interventions.

In order to provide the most comprehensive and expert set of services, Kansas City Psychology Center interacts with other specialists in the area through consultation, contracted services, and referrals to ensure patients, clients, and examinees receive the highest level of service.

Psychologists and counselors at Kansas City Psychology Center adhere to only those methods of assessment and treatment that have been found to be scientifically supported. Only assessment measures and procedures that are demonstrated to be the best available for their purpose, psychometrically sound, and able to withstand clinical or legal challenges are utilized.


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