The quickest way to order your records is to choose electronic transfer. To order an electronic copy of your records to be sent through fax or email, fax or email the completed Release of Information Form and use the link below to submit the flat fee of $6.50. Once the appropriate form is accepted and payment is received, the records will be faxed or emailed to the party requested within 30 days, although typically within 7 business days. However, it is important to note that the use of unsecured email is discouraged, as the privacy of the information cannot be guaranteed and will only be accommodated at the full risk of the requesting party. Fax is recommended.

*Note that verification of requestor might be required

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If you choose to obtain a copy of your records delivered through a means other than fax or email, fax or email the completed Release of Information form and indicate the preferred method. However, these methods will likely take longer to process than 7 business day and the fee will depend upon the labor and cost of the selected method and will have to be paid by credit card over the phone according to the following fee schedule:

-Digital media=$6.50 + cost of media (e.g., flash drive) + cost of postage

-Paper: $20 processing fee + 50 cents per page + cost of postage

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