Rate for individual therapy: $100/hr

With most evidence-based treatments, you can typically expect treatment to last between 12 and 16 sessions along with a few spaced out follow-up visits that have been shown to reduce relapse. Most people begin to feel significant benefits by 8 weeks. Effective therapy is typically provided on a weekly basis, although some exceptions for biweekly treatment is possible, although this significantly lengthens the treatment time.


Therapy typically begins with an evaluation, which may include some psychological testing, to ensure an accurate diagnosis and treatment recommendations. Contact us now for a free consultation.

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If you or your child have participated in treatment in the past but spent months, or maybe even years, in therapy with little measurable benefit, it is likely you were not receiving proper treatment. Most therapists are only trained and experienced in providing supportive therapy that might feel beneficial for 50 minutes each week but provide no lasting benefit or measurable reduction in symptoms. Also, many therapists use odd, new age approaches to therapy that have no scientific foundation or support.  

This practice believes that patients with mental illness should receive the same quality of care that is afforded to medical patients. Consequently, this practice only utilizes treatments that are scientifically supported to treat particular conditions.